As early as 1980s, Gowi began deliberately selecting materials and paying close attention to environmentally friendly and licensed disposal. Gowi toys are sturdy, colourful and keeps the joy of playing over many years. Gowi products have been making children's eyes shine for many decades and will continue to do just

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Gowi 7.5" Rake Orange/ Yellow
Assorted Colours
Gowi Archery Set
Ages 5+
Gowi Hop Ball Blue/ Red
Assorted Colours | Ages 3+
Gowi 8.5" Shovel Red/ Blue
Assorted Colours
Gowi 9.5" Scoop Yellow/ Blue
Assorted Colours
Gowi 11.5" Waterpump Red
Gowi 1.5L Watering Can Blue and Green/ Yellow and Red
Assorted Colours
Gowi 7" Bucket
Assorted Colours
Gowi Magic Mitt
Ages 3+
Gowi Bucket Mill