Back, Waist & Lumbar Support

Back, Waist & Lumbar Support
All back supports are designed to improve your posture, whether you are sitting, driving or lifting and bending. Most lumbar cushions, backrests and seats can be attached to an office chair. Obus Forme makse some seats are designed for extra lower back support while driving. Back support belts and braces improve posture and help reduce back pain from lifting, pulling and repetitive bending or twisting.
Obus Forme Gel Seat
Model: ST-GEL-01
Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support
Model: LB-BLK-CB
Obus Forme Replacement Lumbar Pad
Model LP-BLK-01
Obus Forme Lowback Replacement Cover
Model: BC-BLK-LO
Obus Forme Contoured Seat Cushion
Model: ST-BLK-CB
Obus Forme Back Belt
Model: BB-ML1-ML
Size: Male Medium/Large
Obus Forme Supporting Roll
Model: SR-BLK-01
Obus Forme Back Belt
Model: BB-FM1-SM
Size: Female Small/Medium
Obus Forme Back Belt
Model: BB-FM1-LX
Size: Female Large/Extra-Large
Trainer's Choice Elastic Back Support
1 back support
Incrediwear Incredibrace Waist Sleeve in Light Grey
S/M (Waist 24"-34")
Obus Forme Driver's Seat Cushion with Adjustable Lumbar Heat
Model CC-BDS-01
Safco Softspot Backrest Lumbar Roll
14"W x 2.4"D x 8"H
Mansfield 18 Inch Foam Cusion With Cover
1 Cushion
Incrediwear Incredibrace Low Back Brace
AMG 18 Inch Inflatible Rubber Invalid Ring
1 Ring
Dr. Ho's Decompression Belt
Size B
42" - 55"
AMG 16 Inch Inflatible Rubber Invalid Ring
1 Ring
Embrace Air Portable Backrest
AMG 18 Inch Foam Invalid Ring
1 Cushion
AMG Foam Invalid Ring
Plaid, 16" (40.6 cm) Diameter
AMG 16 Inch Foam Invalid Ring
1 Cushion
AMG Adjustable Back Support
X-LARGE Fits Waist 42"-52"
1 Back Support
AMG 14 Inch Foam Invalid Ring
1 Cushion
Bios Ring Cushion
Drive Medical Embrace AIRPlus
Obus Forme Side to Side with Massage
Model: SS-BLK-01