Carriwell Hospital Panties
5 Pack
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The Carriwell Hospital Panty ensures that the period of after birth bleeding is managed discreetly and hygienically with special, washable hospital panties, specifically designed to hold post birth pads in place.

Light incontinence or loss of bladder control, is common in pregnancy due to the added pressure on your pelvic floor muscles which have to support your growing uterus. The Carriwell hospital panty is in essence an incontinence panty modified for pregnancy so is ideally suited for holding large incontinence and post birth pads in place.

Features and Benefits:
  • Economical; can be washed up to 10 times
  • The excellent breathability adds to the wearers comfort
  • Has a snug fit to secure the pad effectively
  • Perfectly suited for caesarean recuperation - allows scars to breathe
  • Manufactured specifically to hold large incontinence and post birth pads in place
  • A pack contains five panties will last most women for the time of heavy flow
  • One size fits all

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Customer Reviews 3.5/5
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Dania: about a year ago

They are so comfortable and I'm so glad I bought these. I had a c-section and wearing these for weeks was the best. They stretch pretty well. I'm however on a small size so I'm not sure how well they would fit on bigger ladies.

Jade: about a year ago

Good value for the price but not even close to being as comfortable as the hospital ones. The mesh can be uncomfortable, especially on stitches, and can pinch around the thighs.

Katherine: more than a year ago

I was SO excited to get these for use with my second child! I threw a pair on while labouring and found out how absolutely horrible they were! Definitely only meant for smaller ladies. I struggled to get them on and ended up wearing a hospital pair anyway as these tore!! Total waste of money!

Victoria: more than a year ago

Great for postpartum recovery! Very stretchy, breathable, comfortable and saves you from ruining your regular underwear. As others have said your pads will stick to your pants though, which can make for an unsexy look if you're entertaining company. Also, due to the shorts cut pads with wings wont wrap around on these and will end up folding or sticking to you. Regardless im still pleased with the purchase and will recommend to pregnant friends!

Hanna: more than a year ago

Like the other reviewers said, pads do stick to your pants thought the mesh but a small price to pay for the overall comfort the panties provide. Fit is great and they wash well- I put them in the washing machine and they came out fine!

Charlene: more than a year ago

Great for post partum - stretchy, breathable - no cutting pantylines when you are sore. Easy to wash and quick drying. Economical and disposable.

Isabel: more than a year ago

I wish I had read the reviews before buying them as it was money not well spent: I would not recommend that.
I tried one during my postpartum and it was too tight on the thighs (even though I am slim) and the pads would be all squashed up between your legs and stick to your pants through the mesh. Not comfortable at all.
Expensive and useless - The rest of the box is still unused if someone's interested !!

Kathleen: more than a year ago

While these aren't as comfy as the hospital ones, they did the job. The mesh has way larger holes than the hospital ones so they're more like fishnet and the pads then stick to your pants as the sticky part is exposed through the holes. That would be my biggest gripe. However they were still better than wearing normal underwear!

Isabelle: more than a year ago

Definitively not the same quality as the ones provided at the hospital after my surgery. Not as comfortable, not so elastic. Flimsy, I doubt they can go through 10 washes.
I don't think I will use them in postpartum.

Jocelyn: more than a year ago

These are definitely not a one size fits all item. I was skeptical when I took them out of the package, and when I tried to use them in the hospital it was clear they wouldn't work as well as the ones provided by the hospital.

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