ORO-Naf Mouth Rinse
Citrus Mint 500 ml

Oro-NaF is beneficial to people of all ages who need strong tooth enamel - particularly patients wearing orthodontic appliances, chemotherapy patients and those who are especially prone to tooth decay. Oro-NaF is an effective and easy way for patients to supplement regular brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and water.

Alcohol Free

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Rebecca: about a year ago

A simple mouth rinse: basically water, flavor, fluoride. No breath-freshening ingredients.

Brian: more than a year ago

I love the product and use it daily. It costs about half the price on compared to what my dentist charged me. I haven't had a cavity in ages, plus it's been a huge cost saving to me. Thank you!

Bea: more than a year ago

I seem to get cavities just by looking at sweets :-) so I need to use fluoride rinse since my tap water doesn't have fluoride. I was happy to find this at since the price is much more reasonable than what my dentist was charging. I'm not going to say what my dentist was charging since I'm hoping that will maintain reasonable pricing of this product :-)

Kim: more than a year ago

Excellent product to help protect enamel. Was recommended by my dentist. This product is great!

Neil: more than a year ago

About three years ago my dentist recommended "ORO-Naf Mouth Rinse" to me.

I'd always found having my teeth cleaned very painful and as I grew older, receding gum lines etc., the procedure had become so painful that I was forced to ask my dental hygienist to skip the worst of my teeth.

Ultrasound must have ben invented by the Marquis de Sade!

"ORO-Naf" to the rescue! :-)

Now that I'm using "ORO-Naf" daily, having my teeth cleaned now borders on tolerable. The improvement has been remarkable!

There have been times when "ORO-Naf" at my local drug store was out of stock.

Needless to say, I panicked.

Pain is a great motivator!

Then I did a bit of browsing and found "ORO-Naf" at

My shopping experience at was top-notch!

And I'm relieved that I've found a reliable source for this product! :-)

Sam: more than a year ago

Scientific evidence supports the claim that a fluoride rinse can help decrease teeth sensitivity. Fluoride helps remineralise teeth surfaces that have been demineralised by bacterial acids.

This dentist-recommended fluoride rinse worked for me to considerably reduce teeth sensitivity and pain.

Cinthia: more than a year ago

I actually like the taste, I've used some similar products in the past but this one is far the best, I can easily rinse for up to a minute and it won't give me the burning sensation that the other "alcohol free" ones did. No after taste, no burning sensation. Love it !!

Jaklyn: more than a year ago

I actually like the taste of this product and I love that it's not dyed. I originally got Oro-Naf from my dentist and is the only place I could find it to purchase. Since it sometimes goes out of stock, I have taken to picking up 5 or 6 bottles at a time.

Lynda: more than a year ago

I don't like the tast of this product either, but it beats the old bitter fluoride rinses I remember getting as a kid in elementary school. I guess as long as it works, however, I haven't noticed any improvement yet.

Anne: more than a year ago

This is a daily use fluoride rinse (0.05% sodium fluoride). I like that it's clear rather than dyed blue or green. I find the flavour while rinsing to be decent but there is a slight bitter aftertaste for a while that is mildly unpleasant.

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