Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Strength
191 ml
  • Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent hair color.Takes you back to your original color.
  • Color Oops is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair color in just 20 minutes.
  • Takes only 20 minutes. Safe and easy. Ammonia free/Bleach free. Re-color the same day.
  • Color Oops reverses the hair coloring process by shrinking down the hair color molecule so small that it simply washes away.
  • Color Oops is bleach and ammonia free and will not have the same damaging effects as bleach or ammonia based products.


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Customer Reviews 3.5/5
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Angie: a few months ago

I don't understand why people don't do the strand test and then complain. I did the strand test for 20 minutes and once rinsed out the strand was a strawberry blonde, which I did not want. Instead of doing a second test, I decided to leave it in for 7 minutes instead of 20. My hair went from very black to a medium brown. After drying my hair was a dark brown. I read on the net that we should rinse with a 10 developper after using a product like this to make sure it does not reoxidise (so that the black does not come back). I just rewashed my hair a day later and rinsed with a 20 developper I had on hand to prevent the black from coming back. This product did not damage my hair whatsover. I did leave coconut butter in my hair overnight to help. I will be using this again next week for another 5-10 minutes to lighten it gradually. You have to rinse the required time for this product to work properly. It was a fuss (30 minute wash and rinse) but worth my time.

Tamara: more than a year ago

Used it on a blue based purple. Took all the red right out, and left me with a blueish base, which was perfect for the green I was going for.

Amy: more than a year ago

It took the purple right out of my hair and back to my natural colour. Will definitely use again.

Cheryl: more than a year ago

This product if used as directed will take the dark hair color out,

Michelle: more than a year ago

My natural hair color is medium brown. When purchasing this product, I was weary as to whether it would have any effect on my layers of black henna hair.

I left it in for about 1.5 h (above recommended time – did not damage hair but did leave a bit of a smell). It removed a good portion of the semi-dye I had put over to blend in my roots with the black henna. I would say it lifted a bit of the henna; enough for me to pass off without having the dreaded harsh brown/black hair line.

I have long hair, so I bought two boxes and there was plenty of product. I have already purchased a second round to see if I can lift any more out.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants jet black hennaed hair to lift to a dark brown.

Darelene: more than a year ago

I had great expectations from this product, reading all the 'great' reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try. However, what a horrified discovery when I was finished. I had colored my hair a semi light brown originally and it was faded by almost 75-80% and I just wanted to remove the remainder of the the color from my hair, but now I have a head full of blonde. What a mess. I do not recommend this product.

Tanya: more than a year ago

Love it ! It removed 5-6 layers from my hennaed hair to the color I wanted. No hair damage whatsoever. Highly recommended.

Jerlyne: more than a year ago

Smells worse than rotten eggs, but it always gets the job done. Always. It removes all dye to reveal my bleached hair underneath, and I can recolour my hair on the same day too! I have hair that goes halfway down my back and 1 bottle is exactly what I need.

Vera: more than a year ago

Removed the dye from my bleached hair very well. The amount in the bottle is pitiful though.

Lily: more than a year ago

Worked well on my roots (the least bleached area of my head) * BUT * Did not work well on my lenghth's at all, only lighten the brown color to a dark tea colored mess. I would only recommend to someone using this to strip color over natural color, not bleached/highlighted.

Left my hair very dry/ratty looking. I would not use this stuff again.

I have long hair (down my back) it took 3 boxes to properly saturate my hair.... not cheap for a terrible uneven result. Ended up at the salon to have the problem fixed professionally. Thank god for hair stylists!

Shipping time was slow.

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