Drysol Dab-On Anti-Perspirant Extra Strong
35 mL

Drysol Dab-On Anti-Perspirant is extra strong to control excessive sweating of underarms, palms and soles.

20% Aluminum Chloride

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Lah: about a year ago

This product does work but its better when used at night as it can be itchy

Melissa: about a year ago

I had already previously tried this product and it really does work. definitely apply only at night as the itchyness is quite unconfortable as the product takes effect but, totally worth it.

Jessica: more than a year ago

I've used this product a lot over the years, it works great for underarms (I haven't used it on feet). I don't find it irritates my skin, but could definitely see if you had just shaved how it might. I like that you don't have to consistently use it, over time you just need a bit once and awhile. I love that carries it online... A lot of times I've gone into a pharmacy only to find they don't have any at that time.

Rachelle: more than a year ago

I have used this in the past to combat armpit sweating, it works great! Certainly some irritation goes along with it.

This time I bought it for my feet, but I didn't feel it had the same effect.

So-great for underarms, not great for feet.

Candice: more than a year ago

Great product. I've lived with excessive underarm sweating for 15 years and decided to try this product. I applied for 3 days even though I noticed a difference after the first time. I experienced very little burning or irritation. I reapplied after 10 days even though I probably could go longer. This has been a life-changer and now I can wear something other than black!

Dale: more than a year ago

Great great product.. I rarely sweat from my under arms and if I do it's because I haven't applied for over 3 days. One thing was, that I didn't know how to you use the dab applier thing and I ended up spilling 99% of the bottle all over the floor. So pretty much my advice is, use a cotton ball or something similar to apply it with because I don't see how the dabbing mechanism that they give you works.

karotovich: more than a year ago

Absolutely amazing, First time I ever write a review. Have had issues with sweating for several years, clothes that would smell strong sweat and body odor in just a few months despite washing regularly. Would never leave home without a sweat proof top (hence severely limiting what I could wear) and always self conscious in gathering that I am sweaty in armpits. This product put an instant halt to all of this. It does lightly sting/itch initially but works perfectly. GIVE IT A TRY if you have the same issue

Stephanie: more than a year ago

I am so glad it is back on! This stuff really works and a bottle lasts a couple of months for me. I needed to apply it more often at the beginning, but now I only have to use it every 7 to 10 days. I really had biiiiiig problems with underarm sweating and suffered for so long, not knowing (nor hoping!) that there was a solution to my problem. Now I can wear bright colours with no fear of huge sweatstains! Yay!

Steph: more than a year ago

I used it once and I was COMPLETELY dry the next day. Unbelieveable. I used it the next day and I was itchy and so dry I couldn't lift my arms up without the skin feeling like its gonna crack open.
It's a great product, and it works, but I only have to use it once a week for benefits.

jennyfer: more than a year ago

OMG!! No words to describe how woderfull this product is, since day one i notice the change, i tried it for 3 days on a row and by the 3 day no sweet at all .. "yes there is a side effect that causes me an irritacion but it went away on his own" -- i totally 100% recomend this product cuz i dont think is anything better than this, now i use it every 3 days and im good the next morning :)

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