HoMedics SoundSpa Portable White Noise Machine
Model: SS-2000
The Homedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine creates a peaceful sleep environment to fall asleep faster and wake completely rested. With six soothing, natural sounds including white noise, this HoMedics white noise sleep machine is also the perfect addition to a nursery. The rhythmic sounds create a feeling of comfort and help calm you or your baby to sleep.

What is sound therapy? Sound therapy refers to sound being used to treat physical, mental and emotional conditions. In general, this therapy is based on the theory that all of life vibrates, including people's bodies.

Homedics Sound & White Noise Machine Features:
  • Natural sounds help you relax while you read, work, study or sleep
  • Six digitally recorded, calming sounds
  • Continuous sound all day & night, or
  • Set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes with the auto-off timer
  • Compact & lightweight for easy portability
  • Battery or adapter operated (adapter included, 4 ”AA” batteries not included)
  • Small and portable
  • Great for travel
6 Nature Sounds:
  1. Ocean
  2. Rain
  3. Brook
  4. Summer Night
  5. White Noise
  6. Thunder

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Jennifer: about a week ago

Great product at a reasonable price. No fancy bells and whistles but a good quality sound machine, good value. Like that there is a timer or continuous noise.

alex: about a week ago

I live in a very noisy building and was losing my mind because of it. Hoping to stay sane I purchased this little noise machine and am quite pleased with it. The "ocean" setting is my favourite - I slept eight hours last night with it on - but some of the others are nice too. You can play it continuously or set a timer to go off (15, 30 or 60 min) and that is a nice feature. It gets very loud if you need it, or can be just a little quiet noise in the background. The only draw back is in the repetitive nature of some of their recordings. "Summer night" is only on a ten second loop making it a bit annoying, but there are six sounds to choose from. I recommend it for anyone who just wants some peace.

Chantel: a couple of weeks ago

I was initially quite pleased with this product. I like the sounds it makes, I like that it has a timer (though I've never used it), and I like its size. After about 3 months of use, however, the power/volume control stopped working properly. Now the volume will change on its own, going from soft to very loud instantly, and without being touched. I am very unhappy with this product because of this.

Kirsten: a couple of weeks ago

Overall, it's a really good noise maker! We like that it's small, lightweight, and portable in case we go on trips! Our first one's on/off knob stopped working, but we wrote the company and got another one as a replacement. I would recommend this!

Anna: a few months ago

We bought this for our baby’s room after purchasing a “baby” sleep machine that only stayed on for 45 minutes a cycle. We like that this one can stay on continuously, is very small and low profile, and has the option for battery backup (key for times like when we had a power outage the other night). The volume button is very sensitive, and the machine can get quite loud if you want, we have it on a lower volume. We found that a couple times it has switched from “ocean” sounds to “rain” sounds all by itself but this is not really an issue, we just turn it back. Great product for value, sure beats a lot of those products which are specifically marketed “for baby”

Shanna: a few months ago

I have owned 4 of this brand of machines. One I purchased at Walmart and it does not have a dial, rather it has buttons (Which are not ideal for a baby’s room since you can’t slowly turn the volume up or down, and you can’t find a perfect medium volume; it’s loud, super loud, or slightly too quiet.) Of the three from with the volume dial, two had sound that either didn’t always come on, or cut in and out. With the first one it happened after using it daily for several months. The second one was like that out of the box. (Of course Well replaced it because they have awesome customer service!) I still give it a good rating despite this crappy quality because a) I like how the dial allows subtle volume adjustments, b) it lets you use batteries too which is great for travel or if the power goes out, and c) the particular pitch of the white noise is not annoying like some machines or apps,

Elizabeth: a few months ago

When in the hospital for an emergency surgery last year, our 9 year old daughter's hospital room had one of these sound machines. She loved it and how it helped drown out the beeps and noises of the hospital. She sometimes has anxiety issues and can get worrying when falling asleep or if she awakes in the middle of the night or will even wake too early (5am) and not be able to go back to sleep. She had some Christmas money from her grandmother and was thinking about getting a toy when I suggested she may want to get this instead. She loved the suggestion and it has definitely helped. Sometimes she just sets it for 60 minutes, but she had some early wake ups last week, so we left it on continuous play and she slept right through. It is definitely helping her get better sleep and relax.

Francoise: a few months ago

I set the auto-off timer at 60 minutes every night before I go to bed. It helps me relax and fall asleep faster.

Krystal: a few months ago

I love everything about this sound machine- the option for continuous/ all night sound, the sound varieties (I really like the rain one), and the price.

Guillermo: a few months ago

Worked very well for my granddaughter.

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