Spa Essentials

Urban Spa Moisturizing Gloves
1 Set
Urban Spa Stimulating Body Brush
Urban Spa Moisturizing Booties
1 Set
EcoTools Bamboo Foot Brush & File
Urban Spa Bamboo Hair Turban
Urban Spa Silk Eye Pillow with Lavender
Assorted Colors
Urban Spa Wooden Foot File
Bausch & Lomb Thera Pearl Eye Mask
Urban Spa Bamboo Head Band
Urban Spa Facial Sea Sponge
4 Sponges
Amope PediPerfect Pedicure Electronic Foot File Replacements
2 Replacement Roller Heads
Urban Spa Bamboo Foot Paddle
Urban Spa Soothing Gel Eye Mask
Urban Spa Bamboo Bikini Brush
Airplus for Her Aloe Infused Sock - Ultra Moisturizing
*Colours May Vary
1 Pair
Axel Kraft Natural Bristle Complexion Brush
1 Complexion Brush
Urban Spa Bamboo Cellulite Brush
Axel Kraft Moisturizing Socks
1 Pair
Urban Spa Natural Cleansing Sponge
Basiccare Cold Mini Eye Gel Mask
Urban Spa Wool Facial Brush
1 face brush
Basicare Bamboo Hair Turban
Urban Spa Konjac Facial Sponge
Urban Spa Body Therapy Brush
Bios Roll A Lotion
Axel Kraft Terrycloth Headband
26 x 9 cm
1 Headband
Axel Kraft Terry Hair Towel
1 Towel
Woodlot Rose + Palo Santo Calming Mist
Urban Spa Men's Wooden Foot File
Axel Kraft Body Kreamer Applicator
1 Applicator
Axel Kraft Cosmetic Headband
1 headband
Urban Spa Foot Therapy Kit with Slippers
Merben Jute Handheld Body Brush
For Sensitive Skin
Skinfinity Lotion Applicator
Therawell Aromatherapy Eyemask Purple
Merben Jute Body Brush with Brown Handle
For Sensitive Skin
Bathorium BECALM Bubble Elixir
Lavender & Earl Grey Tea Infused Bubble Bath Oil
Province Apothecary Daily Glow Facial Brush
Lift + Restore
Merben Sisal Handheld Body Brush
For Normal Skin
Merben Sisal Body Brush with Brown Handle
For Normal Skin
Merben Sisal Bikini Brush
For Normal Skin
Axel Kraft Moisturizing Gloves
1 Pair
Merben Jute Bikini Brush
For Sensitive Skin
Basicare Total Personal Manicure Kit
1 Kit (8 Pieces)
Burt's Bees Spa Essentials Kit
Basicare Hydro Moisture Socks
HoMedics Deep Soak FootSpa
Merben Coconut Foot Brush
For Feet
KIT Relax & Sooth Eye Compress
2 Per Pack
Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Mitt
KIT Spa Eye Mask
Basicare Hydro Moisture Gloves
KIT Spa Back and Body Buffer
The Vintage Cosmetics Company Dolly Make-up Head Band
Therawell Aromatherapy Eyemask Blue
The Vintage Cosmetics Company Dotty Make-up Head Band
Be Better Bamboo Foot File
HoMedics Collapsible Foot Spa with Heat
Grace & Stella Co. Hot + Cool Gel Bead Sleep Eye Mask
Eco Tan Skin Compost 3 Step Skincare System
3 Pack
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